Gaelic Games

Date/Site Changes

If a match venue is changed, bets already placed will stand providing the home team is still designated as such. If the home and away team for a listed match are reversed, bets placed based on the original listing will be void. Bets on postponed matches will be void unless the matches are re-arranged and played within 24 hours of the original start time. Bets on abandoned matches will be void apart from markets where the outcome is already determined.

Minimum Length of Play

If a match is abandoned before the end of normal time, all bets on the match are void, except for those markets which have been unconditionally determined.

Gaelic Games Wagers

Outright Betting

All bets stand regardless of season length, provincial or qualifier format.

Match Betting

Unless otherwise stated, all Gaelic Sports bets are settled on regulation time only (including injury-time); extra-time does not count unless specified. Where a market specifically includes overtime and the game finishes level after overtime, bets will be void. Bets will be settled on official GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association) result only. If either team does not play, bets will be void.

Match Markets (including Alternatives)

The total game score is used to settle bets (goal = 3, point = 1).

Double Result 5-Way

If either/both the result at half time or full time end in a tie, any other result will be settled as the winner.

First Goalscorer/Last Goalscorer/To Score a Goal Anytime

Own goals do not count. In the case of an own goal being scored, the first bets will be settled on the 2nd goalscorer. In the case of the last goal being an own goal, bets will be settled on the previous goal. First Goalscorer/Team Goalscorer - Any player coming on as a substitute after the first goal is scored, or who takes no part in game, will be deemed a non-runner. Last Goalscorer - Any player that takes no part in the game will be deemed a non-runner. To Score a Goal Anytime - Any player that takes no part in the game will be deemed a non-runner.

First Scoring Play, Last Scoring Play 1st Half, First Scoring Play 2nd Half, First Points of 2nd Half, Last Scoring play, Team to Score 1st

Includes: free, penalty, 65/45, sideline cut/kick. Own goals count.

Half Betting

Half markets, the relevant half must be completed for bets to count unless the specific market outcome is already determined.

Team to Score 1st Goal

Own goals count.

Both Teams to Score a Goal or More

Own goals count.

Total Goal Markets

Own goals count for settlement of the following: Match Total Goals, Home / Away Total Goals, Total Goals 6-Way, Home / Away Goals 5-Way.

First Goal and Result

Winning team is team that wins game having scored first goal/not scored goal/conceded first goal. Own goals count.

Game Total Odd/Even

Combined total of both teams used to determine winner. If the combined score is zero then bets will be void.

Team Total Odd/Even

Settled on respective totals achieved by teams. If the team score is zero, bets will be void.

Race to 10/15/20/25 Points  

Team to reach 10/15/20/25 points first (including goals) deemed the winner.

Leader After 20/30/40 etc Minutes In-Play

Settled on the result at the specified time in the match. E.g. The 20 minutes’ leader is settled based on the result in the match after 20:00 minutes of play. In the event of an abandonment prior to completion, all bets will be void unless settlement is already determined.

10 Minute Betting In-Play

The designated 10-minute period must be completed for bets to stand unless the outcome of the specific market is already determined.

Winning Margin/Winning Margin 5-Way

Draw option is available.

Number of 45’s/65’s

Settlement is based on the number of 45s (65s for Hurling) awarded, irrespective of whether they are scored or not.

Season Top Scorer

Player who scores most through the All-Ireland Championship (including qualifiers) is deemed the winner. Bets are void if a player does not participate in at least one match (including qualifiers).

Team Performance

Predict the exact stage where the team will be eliminated or exactly what final classification they will achieve.

Furthest Progressing Team

Should both teams be eliminated at the same stage then dead-heat rules apply. Provincial series does not count. Team which achieves best placing in qualifier and knockout series will be deemed the winner.

To Qualify/To Lift Trophy/To Win Match/To Win in Extra Time

Settlement includes Extra Time if played.